When I open NAD OSD my AVR doesn't show up
This can have a number of reasons:
  • Your NAD device is still starting up. It can take several minutes before your NAD device becomes available over your network.
  • Your iOS/iPadOS device and your NAD device are on different networks. Make sure they are connected to the same network.
  • NAD OSD doesn't have permission to browse your network for your NAD device. On your iOS/iPadOS device go to Settings > Privacy > Local Network and enable NAD OSD.
  • You have multiple NAD devices using the same network. NAD OSD tries to connect to the first NAD device the network offers.
  • How can I mute sound temporarily?
    Tap on the main volume label.
    Can I select volume presets?
    Long press on the main volume label.
    Can I see speaker levels and delay?
    Tap the speaker section on the "Info" screen.
    Note: There's a bug in BluOS v3.10.0 and higher which breaks this feature when Dirac Live filters are engaged. Contact NAD support and request a fix.
    When I select "EARS" nothing happens
    EARS can only upmix two-channel input signals to 5.1.
    How do presets work?
    Each input can have a preset (a collection of settings) assigned to it. The setting values stored within the preset get loaded when the corresponding input is selected. Current active setting values get permanently overwritten with the settings stored in the preset. If preset "none" is selected for an input no preset settings are loaded when that specific input is selected. Any previously loaded setting values remain active.
    When I change presets via the IR remote the app doesn't reflect the change
    Unfortunately the AVR doesn't report that change to the app. A fix would require a firmware update from NAD. Contact NAD support and request a fix.
    Why is there no "On" button?
    In order to switch the unit "On" the AVR's network interface needs to be powered on at all times even when the unit is in standby (AVR setting "CEC/LAN/BluOS in Standby") otherwise the AVR can't receive any commands over the network. But keep in mind that "CEC/LAN/BluOS in Standby" can draw a lot of power. The T 758 v3 for example draws 40W with "CEC/LAN/BluOS in Standby" enabled.
    Why can't I select "Enhanced Stereo"?
    "Enhanced Stereo" aka "Party Mode" mashes all channels into a single one (or left and right) and plays what's left from all speakers. The original intend of the mix gets lost. The app is opinionated and doesn't support this.
    I've read the whole FAQ but still have questions
    Please send a support request.